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Paladin Commercial Group There is a difference. Welcome to Paladin Commercial Group, LLC. We invite you to explore our philosophies, our approach to business, and the services we provide. We hope you are here to find an organization that has something different to offer and something that works better. We believe if you are visiting our website for the first time, then you have already made the decision to look for something different. We believe we are the answer. We have animated our website in the effort to offer you a different look from all the mundane agencies out there who continue to display the same business people shaking hands or sitting at desks with headsets on. We offer something different, something better. Like most savvy business people, we have observed the opposition and we know how the 'Big Boys' operate. We have seen their operation from the inside. What we have learned guides us to remember that the client is our most important asset. That a solid foundation is built by treating a client with the value they truly hold, as though they alone are our only client. We have no desire to become a firm so large that we forget what has made us successful. MISSION STATEMENT To provide professional debt recovery service to the commercial sector. We will aspire to be proficient, as well as expeditious, in all aspects of our operation. To meet and exceed the clients work standards with the emphasis to provide a greater yield. With our experience in commercial collections, and the tanaciousness of our collectors, we will be our client's knight in shining armor.



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